Investor Relations

G Land

Message From Chairman

To All Shareholders

Our Company “Grand Canal Land Public Company Limited” is constantly operating to reach the goal of being the real estate developer developing integrated projects with the large areas where each of them comprises the fully functional buildings (i.e. office building for rent, retail spaces for rent, condominiums and housing development). In 2016, the Company focused on development of the office-building-for-rent and rental-spaces-for-rent projects in order to serve the demands of the continually-growing commercial lease market and in order for the Company to be able to stably and constantly generate a revenue. For the condominium and housing development projects, the Company owns the land with high potential to be developed which located close to the red line BTS that Company shall further determine the appropriate time to start developing such project in order to achieve the highest benefits therefrom.

The Company’s main project is the Grand Rama 9. There have been several sub-projects continually opened in the Grand Rama 9 from Belle Condominium in 2012, The Shoppes in 2013, The Ninth Tower (Office for Rent) in 2014, Unilever House in 2015 and G Tower in 2016. Not only these projects are successful and well-responded by the group of customers, they also clearly emphasize the image of a large new CBD (Central Business District) of Bangkok as they are the fully integrated real estate projects with the facilities and mass transportation system.

In 2016, other than acknowledging the revenues from condominium sales, office building and retail space rent and the project administration, the Company has proceeded with setting up a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in respect of The Ninth Tower and Unilever House. In this regard, the Company has already submitted an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission and such application is now pending the approval. Such approval is expected to be given by the first quarter of 2017.

For 2017, the Company is going to develop the areas in the Grand Rama 9 as planned. In this regard, the Company shall start with development of a retail space and parking lot building of the Super Tower project including design of the connecting pathways among all the buildings in the Grand Rama 9 and the MRT and shall start constructing the Grand Canal Don Muang and Belle Sky projects on Kampaengpetch Road located close to the red line BTS. The opening of such projects will be further determined as it is to be in conformance with the progress of the red line BTS construction.

I hereby am, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management Committee and all employees, confident and determined to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company’s operation as well as to build a strong foundation for the Company to generate stable and constant compensation for the shareholders.

Lastly, the Board of Directors, the Management Committee and all employees would like to thank all shareholders, customers and trade alliances, financial institutions and all stakeholders for always trusting and supporting the Company’s operation, resulting in the success of the Company. The Management Committee would like to assure all of you that the Company will continue to operate under the policy and principles of good corporate governance in order to move the Company forward to grow steadily, to create products and services that meet customer satisfaction and for the maximum benefit towards all stakeholders in a return for their continued faith and trust in the Company.