Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Policy of corporate governance

The Board of Directors has realized the importance of good corporate governance as a vital factor for strong and sustainable business operations. It means that the Company has efficient, transparent, and able to audit management systems that create trust and confidence amongst its shareholders, investors, other stakeholders and all relevant parties.

The Board of Directors sets a written policy on good corporate governance and business ethics that is reviewed annually. Also, this information is disclosed on the Companys website and Intranet as guidelines for directors, executives, and employees to follow. These guidelines include transparency of work procedure, provision of fair and equitable treatment to all shareholders and stakeholders involved in operations according to the law, punctual disclosure of reliable information, as well as the creation of internal control and internal audit system.

In addition, the Company complies with the Principles of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Companies that the Stock Exchange of Thailand has adopted as specified in the following five categories:

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