4. Disclosure and Transparency

  1. Disclosure of information
    The Company recognizes the importance of disclosing accurate, complete, timely, and transparent information, following the financial rules of SEC and SET, the general information to investors through various channels of SET and the Company website. The Company assigns the Investor Relation to be responsible for informing all information to investors, shareholders, and related government sectors.

    Disclosure of the Company’s information includes financial and non-financial reporting (under the regulations of SEC, SET) and related information, i.e., policy and implementation on corporate governance, information related to the Board of Directors, the responsibility of the Board of Directors, and policy and compensation given to Directors.
    • Financial Reports and Responsibility of the Board of Directors for financial reporting
      The Board of Directors is responsible for the Company’s financial statements, the consolidated financial statements of the Company and its subsidiaries, and all financial information appearing in the annual report. These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the accounting principles and there is adequate disclosure of important information in the notes of the financial statements. In addition, the financial statement have passed the examination of Certified Public Accountants and verified by Audit Committee. The Board of Directors has also prepared a report entitled “Responsibility of the Board of Directors for Financial Reporting” as attached herewith in the annual report.
    • Policy and Implementation on Corporate Governance
      The Board of Directors always follows the Principles of Good Corporate Governance in the same approach specified by SET to ensure confidence of shareholders, investors, and related parties.
    • Policy and Compensation given to Directors and Executives
      The Nomination and Remuneration Committee proposes directors’ remuneration for the shareholders’ approval on a yearly basis. Compensation for top executives is proposed by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee to the Board of Detectors for approval, depending on the responsibilities and the Company’s annual earnings performance. In 2017, remuneration payment to the Board of Directors and the Executives are mentioned under the topic of “Remuneration for Directors and Executives”.
  2. Relationship with Investors
    The Company assigns the tasks of information dissemination with both existing shareholders and potential shareholders. Interested investors could contact the Company’s Investor Relation Department at 0-2246-2323 for more details. During 2017, the Investor Relation Department together with the Company’s top executives, occasionally organized analysts meetings