3. Role of Stakeholders

The Company recognizes the importance of rights of every stakeholder including shareholders, customers, trading partners, Company’s employees and the society. In addition, the Company treats stakeholders in each group with fairness, transparency, and in line with provisions or requirements of the laws, rules, and regulations concerned. These are for cooperation between the Company and all groups of stakeholders to bring about advantages in operating performance and the stability of the organization. The Company has taken actions relating to stakeholders as follow:
  • Shareholders. The Company respects shareholders’ right and treats all shareholders fairly and equitably.
  • Customers. The Company focuses on conducting business that is honest and responsive to customers’ need by providing quality product. The Company also provides complete and accurate information.
  • Trading partners. The Company treats trading partners in accordance with trading conditions. The Company is responsible for contracts and agreement that are made with their trading partners.
  • Employees. The Company treats its employees fairly, provides appropriate compensation and welfare, and continuously promotes and develops all employees.
  • Society. The Company aims for the awareness of the environment, well being and the quality of living of the society. Our architecture and landscape design is specially developed and carefully planned to be environmentally friendly and also in compliance with the laws and regulations set by the law. The Company has projected the main central park to be spacious and is specially designed to give the community a recreational area, with a peace of mind, a jogging space and a friendly relaxing green zone.